Travis and Williamson Counties
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An SCR Company

Collecting data for new homeowners is as much an art as it is a science. While some companies record EVERY registered deed, we omit things like REFI's, reassigning it to a child's name, putting it in a company name, purchasing it as a rental home, etc. 

We scour every single record to assure the best accuracy possible... just new purchases of owner occupied homes in Travis and Williamson Counties.

We upload a new list every week on Wednesday afternoon, while keeping last week's list in the download section. An excel file sorted by zip with all the information you need. Owner's name, full mailing address, mortgage amount and whether it's a newly constructed home or a resale.

That's why The List Store is number one when it comes to New Homeowner Lists for Central Texas. And at $99 for every single new homeowner in either county and $149 for both counties, The List Store is also the best buy out there. Great Data - Great Prices!