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  • New homeowners spend 8 to 10 times more in the first six months than established residents spend over a two-year period.

  • From interior design to window coverings, from lawn care to pest control, from security systems to insurance, from doctors to dentists, from flooring to auto repair... even a new place of worship…

  • New Homeowners need everything!

  • New Homeowners are stable, credit worthy, have above average incomes and are ready to buy.

  • Case studies show that new movers establish their buying patterns within the first three months following their move. Don't wait to reach out to them!

Our New Homeowner Lists are a never ending supply of sales leads. Make a New Homeowner offer a regular part of your marketing plan. How else will you replace your customers that move out of the area?

*** Here’s a special tip:
Offer New Homeowners a special “first time customer” incentive so good you wouldn’t want to offer it to everyone. Why? Because you want them to develop the habit of fulfilling their need for your product or service with YOU. Make sure you’re part of their newly developing spending pattern. Once you calculate the lifetime value of a new customer, you’ll want to contact every new homeowner in your area.

New Homeowners account for more than $1 Trillion worth of spending per year! Watch your business grow with New Homeowners from The List Store!